The Timeless Box

Designing & crowd-founding a new product,
and ending in TechCrunch's homepag

The Timeless Box is a 3-layers project. 1st, a brand new product we successfully crowd-founded in Indiegogo. One that could send emotions to the future... 2nd, a powerful international PR campaign of our things agency Honest&Smile, after which we got thousands of mentions, awards and new business proposals. 3rd, a sort of 'real life masters degree' on dealing with frustration and tough times, because production turned to be a nightmare and after several months of delays –with song-updates, too– we are still fighting to make it happen. Wish us luck!

Prototyping a product –and a brand!

Designing and producing the 1st operative prototypes of the Timeless Box, as well as finding the final brand positioning and naming, has been one of the most beautiful –and difficult– projects we have ever assumed. The name came after hundreds of proposals. We defined several naming routes, and spent weeks hand-writing & searching possible names in endless Moleskine Notebooks.

The production was a step-by-step process, from early wooden-boxes, to metal experiments and finally the aluminum case. Thanks to the precious help of Marcs Aries and Taller Bermac –our production partners in this adventure– by October 2013 we had a functional prototype ready, plus a brand's name. We were ready to launch our crowd-funding campaign.
Telling the story

Presenting the Timeless Box

The Timeless Box is a unique device created to send gifts & emotions to the future, knowing nothing will interfere with them until the day arrives and it opens automatically, unveiling whatever you put inside.

A virtual replica to boost the campaign

We even replicated the concept in the digital world, making a web-app that worked as a Virtual Timeless Box (feel free to try it), sharing it with Honest&Smile's fans & friends through our social media channels. 

Hundreds of users tried it, many sent feedback to us. It helped us confirm some essential elements and seductive angles of the story, and clarify some of the issues people were not fully understanding about our story. Well, and it was also a secondary campaign to reinforce traffic towards our crowd-funding campaign in Indiegogo.

Impact of the story

After 40 hard-working days of campaign, hundreds of funders decided to support our project, and we were successfully funded. Yeah!  The PR campaign worked, and we were mentioned in some of the most prestigious magazines and medias, all around the globe: TechCrunchFastCompanyWired, Gizmodo... It was an amazing impact, that put our Timeless Box in Indiegogo's homepage and newsletter. Back in Spain, our story was showcased in Television Channels, Radios and Newspapers. It was an exhausting and exciting month, moving from one place to another, sharing the Timeless Box everywhere.

Facing the worst with a song-update

And then came 'lovely final production'. And everything that could go wrong, went wrong. We faced some of the hardest times of our professional lifes. After several months of delay, having to explain the situation to our funders, Ignasi decided to be very honest... And sing the bad news. This is the song-update we sent to all funders. No jokes. We did sent it!

Ignasi was also invited to present the idea in several events and conferences, having had the huge honor to participate in the 'Día C' of the Creatives Club of Spain –probably the most prestigious spanish creative event, were personalities such as Stefan Sagmeister or Ferran Adrià have participated.

Smiles and learnings

What happened next is just magic. Only ONE funder left. The rest decided to stay with us, supporting the project. We received lots of emails and phone calls, got new media coverage, mainly thanking us for our honesty, and motivating us to keep going and fighting to make it happen. We guess they did not buy 'just a product' with some nice features. They are emotional-investors, that bought a story about sending emotions to the future. And, apparently, the story is worth waiting. We still don't know for sure whether we will manage to produce the first series of Timeless Box or not. We keep on struggling with producers, costs and timings. But some issues are still unsolved. So, this is not a 'good-bye' end of project line, but rather a 'wish us luck' & 'to be continued' one.

Oh well, didn't we say it was 'timeless'?