The Love Box video mixer

Turning a documentary about love
into priceless international awareness
thanks to a wood-made iPhone’s App

The Love Box was born in Paris, during the summer of 2011, when Ignasi was filming a documentary about love. He wanted to record conversations among two persons, capturing both of them simultaneously in one single iphone’s shot, and came with the idea of placing a mirror in front of his phone's camera. After several weeks of testing with playwoods and plastic mirrors, with the help of his good friend Antonio Morales we built a prototype that worked. During the rest of the summer, he used this 1st object to record the documentary. When Ignasi came back to Barcelona, one thing was clear: everyone was impressed about the object, actually more than about the documentary. So we decided to refine it and launch it, hoping it would rise some interest –at least in Spain. We were optimistic about it's potential, but would have never imagined what finally happened...

What is The Love Box?

“The Love Box Video Mixer” was presented as an iPhone’s gadget that, with very “low tech solutions” (a wooden based system plus a mirror) can mix front and back views in one single iPhone’s shot. We hand-crafted a 100 units limited edition, and sold them online through our partner website and for the international markets. All of them were produced in Barcelona by the artisan Jaume Arias and his team of Marcs Arias.

International impact

As soon as we launched, The Love Box became a hit. The product & it’s story were mentioned in Wired, Gizmodo, Cnet, Mocoloco, ApartmentTherapy, Microsiervos, Applesfera, Engadget, PSFK… We estimate that more than one million people, all around the world, have been aware of it –and our agency. The youtube’s video reached 100.000 views in the first 20 days, was commented, posted and bloged in many different languages, and actually “the love box iphone” has more than 20.000.000 hits in Google –most of them related to our product.

Indeed, the quite peculiar gadget has been exposed in the Museum of Ideas and inventions of Barcelona and has been mentioned in many different spanish media, including TV and Press. Oh, and Yes: we sold all units around the word: USA, UK, DENMARK, AUSTRALIA, MEXICO… (and off course SPAIN))

Some lovely TV
awareness (RTVE) and more

The documentary
where it all started

Below you can see the documentary we recorded in Paris, using The Love Box and an iPhone 4. Nothing more, nothing less.